Tiny Buttons

One thing I cannot stand about UI’s is ridiculously small buttons. Here is one example. If you’re going to have buttons that small, just hide your action bars. They are barely click-able, and there’s no way can can see keybindings that aren’t 1 – =. There are some UI’s outh there though that make good use of small buttons. One example is this UI. Zizek also made good use of small(er) buttons in his chimaine 5b remake. Other than those, and a few other minimalist UI’s (mostly chimaines’ and zizeks’), tiny buttons are bad. That’s all for now.



5 Responses to “Tiny Buttons”

  1. I like tiny buttons, as long as you have the keybindings memorized, it isn’t too much of a problem, since seeing them isn’t really necessary.

  2. I’m a fan of UI’s in fact i feel the ui is a completely separate entity. Its like a game within a game. Lots of people play games such as Simcity and Sims because of the ability to customize their game to their liking. Thats how i feel about UI’s in WoW. I’ll spend hours upon hours of my time in game just playing with my UI. Great job on the blog Dreadlord, I look forward to seeing more posts here.

  3. I don’t really like them too small either, bothers me. I don’t like huge ass buttons either, also bothers me.

  4. I agree on this tiny buttonshit, although my buttons are quite small atm.

    I basicly use em for cooldown, since I memorized my keybindings anyways and don’t want to have a seperate addon for global cooldown/normal cooldowns 😉

  5. Makes me want to make a UI is super tiny buttons and call it DreadLorde’s BaneUI!


    edit: You really have to grammar at all, do you?


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