The art in a UI

Now, I’m a minimalist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like some art in a UI. Most people now have a “minimalist” UI, which consists of: Pitbull, eePanels2, Buffalo, cyCircled+VolM, and Bartender3.

Well, that’s all fine, but there’s usually no real art. Something like this is a good example. It’s decent; 7/10 from me. But the little art that there is, it doen’t really do much for the UI. Two very good examples of art in a UI is First off Urk UI. This is one of my favorite UI’s from the old Discord site. The art is really “WoW like”. Another great artsy UI is Cinque UI. This UI is good because it’s probably the most unique thing I’ve seen in a year. The art is really techy, and it doesn’t really take up much screen space in game.

That’s all for now.



5 Responses to “The art in a UI”

  1. Clique UI looks really cool 😛

  2. I set up ZMC to display a big ass portrait me in a frame at like the bottom 1/6th of my screen. Looks decent.

    Also, I think I’ve been in a BG with you once, har.

  3. I love the look of Urk UI Is this still able to be downloaded and use with little effort?

  4. dreadlorde Says:

    I’ll post a download of the interface and wtf folder for it sooner or later. You just need to update the discord addons in it.

  5. OK thanks heaps

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